Somebody shoot me!

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"Clean Weapons Shoot Straight" - NAR...

I found this amusing – “Clean Weapons Shoot Straight” – NARA – 514062. Good thing to remember. I wonder what year this ad is from. Still applies today. If you have guns, keep them clean. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Boy, that phrase will probably become politically incorrect here soon…or someone just might take me up on it these days, right?


First, I want to clear the air here a little. You might think that my recent posts are just rants, carrying on about how busy my life is. There is a purpose here –


See, even with all the craziness going on in my life, the house is still clean. Not perfect, but pretty clean. There are decent meals most nights. There will be a good Thanksgiving dinner on the table.


OK, so now I’m bragging? No.


I don’t have any superpowers. I’m not a saint. Things are not as perfect as I would like, but nothing is falling apart.


My hope is that when you see what I’m going through, you’ll think to yourself, “Heck, if she can do it with all that going on, I can do it too!” And you can!


So, now I’m going to continue my saga that just won’t quit…


I was so looking forward to Saturday. I was going to take it easy. Do some laundry, touch up the house, catch up on Whole Life Overhaul, and just relax and spend some time with the dog. God had other plans…


They’ve been talking about snow all week. Last night they hit us with it… 6-10 inches of snow will fall between Friday night and Saturday night.


This morning before leaving for work, I cleaned up youngest son’s dishes so Bob could maneuver around the kitchen with one arm. He can’t use his left arm for 2 weeks.


I put youngest son’s clothes in the dryer so oldest son would be able to do his laundry. Its his day. Oh, I had to empty a load of youngest son’s stuff first. UGH!


I ordered a cheap pair of snow boots online so I could pick them up on my way home because I don’t have any right now.


I took the dog out, had some breakfast, got myself ready and was off to work.


Dinner was pizza. Oh well.


By the time I went to walk the dog, it was already snowing. There is easily 5 inches out there already. The snow was halfway up the dog’s belly (he’s a Corgi).


The boys work tomorrow. They deliver appliances. They are in for a tough day. That leaves me as the only able bodied person to clean up the snow at home. Sigh… Oh, and then I’ll get to make dinner so everyone has a hot meal. And then I’ll get to do the dishes.


My body is not used to full time house cleaning and taking care of the dog anymore. I’m tired.


My daughter is supposed to come up Sunday to get the dog. I’m wondering if that will happen. We’ll have to wait and see.


I’ve picked up some of the non-perishables for Thanksgiving, but I have to get a turkey no later than Sunday so it can thaw.


Its been quite a ride lately, and sometimes I feel like I am hanging on for dear life. I know I’ve said it a few times – God put me where I am needed. I’m hoping he gives me a break soon.


I’ll tell you what though, I’m getting stronger again. My life was getting pretty sedate. Now I am being whipped back into shape.


And you know what else? I’m thankful that I can still do it.

Hey, if you’re having Thanksgiving dinner at your house and you’re feeling overwhelmed – make sure to pick up a free, no strings copy of Dance Thru Thanksgiving. It will be your survival bible. At this point you have to condense the first section into pretty much one day, but this will help you get thru it and still have some hair left.

And you know what? Its ok if your dishes don’t match and you don’t have a centerpiece. Good food and good company is all that really matter. Focus on what is important and forget the rest.

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