Some advertising should make you wonder

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You know all those yournamehere’s weight loss story fake blogs that have sprung up all over to sell acai and total body cleanse? I guess it worked so well that now they have a teeth whitening gimic too.

Same premise – you get the 2 free trials and get the results you dream of. Except if you’re able to do it for free – how are they making any money? No one advertises that heavily to not make any money – let’s be real here.

So I was looking at the before and after pictures of the teeth whitening. It claims it was a week. But I see that the gums have receded, and I don’t think they would recede that much in just one week – unless this stuff is really bad for them.

Just my obervation. I don’t trust anything that’s gone to this type of advertising anyway, so I’m always looking for what’s wrong with it. I mean, who wouldn’t want glaringly white teeth in a week, for free?

I’m assuming you have to sign up for the auto ship – so it’s pretty guaranteed you’re going to pay for at least one shipment. But if it works so great, and it’s free, then why would you need auto ship?

I know, I know, results are not permanent. But would you really need to use this stuff everyday forever? And my common sense meter is wondering if this stuff will turn out to be really bad for your teeth.

Fine – call me a cynic.