Solving the Energy Crisis

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Personally, when I do remodel this house, energy conservation is top on the list. Energy efficient windows, a whole house fan, solar panels and such are all on the list.

It’s become apparent to me that each one of us has to do whatever we can to become as self sufficient as possible – whether it be energy conservation, or taking care of our health, or growing our own vegetables, or supporting local farmers, or creating our own income.

I was directed to a recent Al Gore speech that gave me hope that we may be able to overcome some of the tremendous challenges that now face us.

If I messed up and the video doesn’t work – you can view it here >>>

Do you think it can be done?

Hey, I’m not all that convinced about global warming, but I do think something can be done to make us more self sufficient and not relying on terrorist countries to supply our huge energy appetite.

I never thought about the fact that it could create jobs. After all, telecom gave us the incredibly prosperous times we had in the 90s. That’s the most positive thing I’ve heard in a very long time. This should be fast tracked, don’t you think?

Al Gore has come a long way – don’t you think? Passion goes a long way.

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I just signed a petition to support Al Gore’s ambitious challenge. Together, we’ll urge Obama, McCain, and Congress to get on board.If you would like to sign it too – Just click here: