Socialist Training in Public Schools?

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Americanisms (Photo credit: Dani Bora)

This is really disturbing. There is a new curriculum in Texas schools called CSOPE that is quite unsettling.

“Using a chart, Barton documented and mapped out core CSCOPE material, which eliminates┬ánational values, Americanism or rather, American exceptionalism, the study of federalism and majority rule (the core of our constitution) along with patriotic symbols like the Liberty Bell. Christopher Columbus, Rosh Hashanah and Christmas are all relegated to the dustbin along with American military┬áhistory.”

In one of the interviews, Barton went on to say that the kids are being taught for a global society. Americanism is out. They even go to great lengths to teach how bad America is.

Wait a minute. In American schools? In Texas of all places?

All of this is part of an Obama initiative.

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