So what if its not perfect?

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Thanksgiving dinner in Canada.

Thanksgiving dinner in Canada. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Stop life, I want to get off!

OMG, how often do you feel like that? If you could just stop for a couple of days, right?

My body is definitely not used to cleaning 3-4 houses a day, every day. It has been a long time since I’ve done that…

Bob passed out again last Saturday. They put his pacemaker in on Tuesday. He can’t use his left arm for 2 weeks. You know what that means for me, don’t you?

I still have my daughter’s dog. We have not been able to coordinate a time when we can do the 2+ hours of drive time to get him back. We’re all working like crazy. So, that is another hour and a half or more a day. Oh, and the boxers 2 days a week too.

Thanksgiving is next week.

The carpets won’t get cleaned. The last of the painting won’t get done. Oh well. I can still make it look nice.

We’ve changed plans a little. I will make a small dinner for Bob and the boys on Thursday. We’ll do my family dinner up at my sister’s farm on Saturday. That still means shopping and cooking for both days, which hopefully I can catch up on this weekend.

Will it be perfect? No.

Will we still have good food and good times? Yep!

You can still pull it off. If you haven’t gotten your copy of Dance Thru Thanksgiving, pick it up free and get started. You can, with focused action – get up to speed this weekend. That’s what I’ll be doing.

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