So, What do I eat?

A reader asks –

I’m starting a food journal. What can I eat to make sure that I get the nutrients I need everyday?

Boy, it takes an entire book to really answer that question!

Here’s a mini course –

Breakfast –

fresh fruit or juice,

and eggs, or oatmeal, or cereal with 2% or wheat toast, or rye toast,

and green tea or coffee

A.M. snack – pick from – peanut butter and wheat thins, nuts, fruit, yogurt, etc.

Lunch – things like a turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread with lettuce and tomato, or Subway, or soups, or salads. Add yogurt, and/or fruit if you’re like me and you need a lot of food 😉

Snack – Pick from things like -dark chocolate, baked chips and salsa, veggies, cheese and baked crackers, or nuts.

Dinner –

3-6 ounces of fish, chicken, or lean meat (red meat only a couple times a week),

with a salad,

and a vegetable or a baked sweet potato, or a baked potato easy on the toppings, or french bread with olive oil and parmesan to dip in.

Dessert – low fat ice cream or yogurt with fresh fruit,

Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible these days to get all of the nutrients you need from diet alone. Even our fresh fruits and vegetables don’t have as many nutrients as they used to. You need to take a good multi vitamin and mineral supplement every day at a minimum.

This is just a primer to get you started. You can get the rest of the information you need at

Now, if I can get you guys to post your questions here at the blog 😉

Take care of yourself!


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