So how bad is healthcare in Canada?

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Have you ever wondered? I mean, to hear some tell it, you have to wait months for treatment. Right? Haven’t you heard that?

But when you actually talk to someone from Canada, they say that’s not the case at all. And if you saw Sicko, it painted a totally different picture from what we’re being told.

Well, I stumbled across an article written by Dr. Simeon Roger, from Canada – and he had a lot to say about what we’re being told.

U.S. Health Care Debate: This Irate Canadian Speaks Out!

What do you think?

6 thoughts on “So how bad is healthcare in Canada?

  1. Cynthia

    “Sicko” is a one-sided biased movie. I’ve seen real documentaries showing both sides….there’s always bad with the good. The real with socialized healthcare is not that it can’t work in some places, but that it can’t work in the United States. Countries like Canada don’t have a drain on the system as we do…specifically, the influx of illegal immigrants. Another little known fact, many provinces in Canada are positioned around huge oil reserves and have direct ownership rights. The profits from those reserves fund their healthcare system.

  2. Carole Post author

    Thanks Cynthia. That’s good added information. Together, maybe we can figure this out.

    He talked about the fact that the government owns the utilities. Is that where the oil falls in to the picture? Either way, that certainly gives them a big advantage in funding their program.

    I still think a big solution would be for everyone to start taking personal responsibility for thier health.

  3. Leroy E. Grey

    Here’s another issue not being discussed with regards Canadian Healthcare system… it’s NOT a federally run program but a provincially run program and that is NOT what’s being proposed by Obama, Pelosi and Reid. They are pushing a public, federally mandated program that penalizing those who opt out.

    Also, Canada’s program is elective and a number of provinces have elected to allow private insurers to compete with the provincial insurance, resulting in improvements.

    Also the article you link to has set up a straw man… the articles I’ve read and interviews I’ve seen (one was a Canadian doctor who moved the the US due to poor pay by his Province) didn’t say people are dying from emergencies, they are dying from long waiting lines for elective surgery.

    This gets down to one’s perspective. I have kids and grandkids who live in Canada. Being young they have no problems with the system because it’s stacked in favor of those who are young and healthy. It’s the older patients who have had to wait for procedures. One woman was told by several Canadian doctors that her stomach pains were just gas, so she came to the US nad the doctor immediately realized she had a bowel obstruction. She would have died in Canada. The best doctors come to the US because they can make more money here.

    I agree with the author of the article, that there are real problems with the Allopathic only mentality of the US and Canadian medical establishments that need to be addressed. Also, if you can google Dr. Ron Paul (former physician who is the congressman from TX) you’ll come across one of his videos stating what is obvious to him but not so obvious to those who younger: sky rocketing costs are due to government intervention, both the Medicare/Medicaid system and their corollary, HMO’s, privately held health facilities that milk all that public money, artificially raising prices of every procedure.

  4. Cynthia

    I agree about personal responsibility…as well as education. I think Americans would be much more healthy and happy if we focused funds and effort towards education on health rather than dealing with the resulting after effects of unhealthy lifestyles.

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