So – Did Carole Get Sick?

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Well, here is the update. Did Carole get sick? How is her co-worker? Did the Doctor prescribe antibiotics for a viral infection?


Let’s start with my co-worker. As of Saturday – she was still pretty sick. And yes, the Doctor certainly did prescribe antibiotics. Can you believe it? Of course, they weren’t working – because antibiotics don’t do anything for a viral infection. Don’t we all know that by now?

She was getting lots of rest and drinking lots of fluids. She’s been resistant to healthy eating so far… I guess we’ll see what happens tomorrow.


As for me – I escaped with just a couple of symptoms. I had a stiff neck for 3 days – which was really irritating. Otherwise, I was just really, really tired. Friday night and Saturday night, I was just beat. I was falling asleep at my desk trying to check emails after work. Didn’t’ do dishes, or clean up, and I was in bed before midnight both nights – and you know that’s not like me.


Today, I was almost lethargic. I got the dishes done and that’s about it.  I tried doing a little weeding down at the beach, and I thought I was going to pass out. So, I just laid low. I made a good healthy dinner. And I’m going to hit the sack early again tonight.


But I didn’t get full-blown sick. And no one else seems to have any symptoms – so that’s good. Even though it would have been a better story if it became a total epidemic. I’ve heard that once you have had pneumonia, you are more susceptible to it – and that seems to be true for me. Bummer.


And what about my previous family epidemic? Well, my grandparents were elderly and had weaker immune systems. My sister had knee surgery that day, so her immune system was compromised too. Besides, she’s never been very healthy anyway. It spread through the family like wildfire.


And I guess with the stress at work, and the constant chaotic schedule changes, and trying to keep my computer running a little while longer; I was just run down enough – and I worked with my co-worker more last week than I usually do. Just a bunch of bad timing. But it’s never convenient, is it? Actually I was tempted to just let myself get sick so I could get some paid time off work 😉 You never get rewarded for not taking your sick days… I know – bad girl! Hey, it’s true!


OK – So how did I keep from getting sick?


Well, I’m pretty sick of cantaloupe! And tomatoes too. I did a lot of salad, and cantaloupe, and orange juice, and some green tea.  For the first day, I took 500 mg of Vitamin C every 4 hours, and aspirin for the stiff neck.


But the FDA says Vitamin C doesn’t work. And they’re partially right. If you eat a crappy diet and your Vitamin C levels are low to begin with – it won’t work. You won’t be able to bring your Vitamin C levels up fast enough to fight the infection. And if you try to bring your levels up too fast, you end up spending a lot of time in the bathroom.


It takes a good 6 months of eating healthy and taking your vitamins everyday to get your body really healthy and strong. Why not start now?


Now, if we can just survive the corporate visit this week…  I’ve heard it’s going to be Wednesday – which is great because I’m off that day! But Monday and Tuesday promise to be days from…


Wish me luck!