Snow Prep

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Banana bread detail.
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So, it’s supposed to snow all weekend – and I was lucky enough to pull Friday night, Saturday and Sunday at the spa. That means I need some good planning!

I ran to the store, got gas, and I threw in a loaf of Banana Bread so I have a decent grab and go breakfast, since I may have some fast shoveling to do. You know its going to be good when the batter is delicious! Tasted like banana cream. Yum!

I love Rebel With a Fork. It saves me so much time! You don’t know hwat you’re missing 😉

So I’m off to get some weight in the back of the truck, and find the shovel and boots.

You’ll get to stay warm, clean house, cook, bake and all that weekend stuff. I’m jealous! But I don’t have to fight traffic 😉

Just an update on the food safety bill. It appears to be dead for the moment due to a procedural issue. It contained a new tax, and only the house can so that, not the senate. Next session will have all of our newly elected people, so it will hopefully go a lot better. I think we were all pretty clear about removing the B.S. in the last election results, don’t you think?

The Child Nutrition Act did pass yesterday.

Now if they would hurry up and straighten out the tax breaks and unemployment issues. Seems the old cronies are determined to keep tax breaks for thier millionaire friends. Could they for once do the right thing and help the people who NEED it?

Anyway – you have a great weekend. Stay safe and warm!

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