Snow motivation…

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Are you in the cold and snow belt this weekend? Why not make the best of it?

Knock out some of the spring cleaning. Anything little thing you get done now is soemthing you won’t have to do when its warm and you want to be getting outside.

"A meld of four cards in the game Shangha...

Image via Wikipediayou want to be getting outside.

Make some great food.

Do some baking.

Play cards. My daughter loves gin rummy. We can talk and play for hours.


See? There’s a lot you can do 😉

I’m finding that I’m not too motivated to do anything important, but I can manage to putter around. I made split pea soup and pumpkin bread today, and shoveled a lot.

Oh, and I’m practicing shuffling. What a fun way to get some cardio!

Whatever you do, have a good weekend!



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