Smarter than a doctor?

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The Bulls games – postponed.

The Blackhawks game – postponed.

The NFL – 75 players tested positive for Covid in the last 2 days.

And this is just the Thanksgiving aftermath.

I think at this point we all know someone who has had covid. Many of us know people who have died. Some of us know people who struggled for months.

Imagine fighting for your life, racking up thousands in hospital bills, and not having any income. Sounds fun, right? NOT!

I was reading a little story about how Steve Jobs was so smart, he lost his battle against cancer, and it reminded me of the current mindset of the anti-vaxxers-

But then the smartest guy in the room had to show everyone how smart he was. So, instead of undergoing a curative operation at Stanford, he goes by way of Mexico and secured apricot pit extract, a miracle cure, to avoid that darn operation. And he fucks around with this voodoo for 9 months while his formerly resectable tumor metastasized to his liver and became UNresectable. And fatal.

And that’s the story of Steve, who was one of the luckiest stiffs on earth but who ego-ed his cure right out the window.

Ah. Conspiracy idiots. It wins over even the smartest people. Kind of sounds like the mentality of the people refusing to get vaccinated. They’re smarter than the doctors and scientists. Except that these people are affecting everyone around them.

The Covid vaccine issue is tearing my family apart and ruining Christmas.

For me, it looks like I will be spending the holidays alone. I am not willing to risk spending a couple of months on a death bed to see people for a day.

But they don’t see it like that.

“Oh, the vaccines aren’t working, what’s the point?”

What about the fact that 97% of Covid cases are in the unvaccinated?

Yes, there are breakthrough cases.

Yes, the vaccines get less effective in a few months.

Yes, the newest variant seems to be more contagious, even among the vaccinated.

I guess following this logic, we should go back into lockdown. But no one wants to do that either.

I was listening to a sermon last Sunday, and the preacher got pretty passionate saying that those who refused to get vaccinated were working for Satan.

Why wouldn’t you do everything you could to protect yourself and your loved ones? It doesn’t make sense.

Its all so frustrating. We might have been able to stop this thing if everyone would have worked together. Now it has mutated to a point where we don’t know what will happen next.

800,000 Americans Dead.

For What? So Conspiracy idiots who are willing to risk their own life, and the lives of those around them just to have something to argue about. 


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