Silver Linings

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 We all have a tendancy to look at bad things that happen to us as totally bad. This of course makes things seem even worse than they really are.  

Most of the time there is something good that can come out of it.

What can be good about having a tree land on your house? 

The first few good things were –  

No one was hurt.  

The windows did not break. As a matter of fact, the damage was far less than it could have been, and I did not have to leave my house – and for that I am grateful.  

Yes, there is still wood all over the yard. Yes, there are squirrels living in my attic. Yes, it will be a while before life is really back to normal.  

But –

The insurance company is paying for a new roof and siding. But the house doesn’t need a new roof. They can fix the damage and match the shingles pretty closely.

The house did need new siding. I’ve been noticing some stuff falling out from under the siding for a couple of months now.  

And this old house needs new windows. They are hard to open and close, hard to clean, and extremely drafty. I probably spend a few hundred dollars a year more on heating than I should have to.  

They might be able to squeeze new windows out of the insurance check.  

How do you like that?  

So many times, things are blessings in disguise.

How many times have you heard stories of people who were running late because their kid spilled milk or something, and it turns out that they avoided a horrible accident because of it?  

Instead of thinking everything is the end of the world, maybe its a beginning of something wonderful.  

OK Carole, what’s so good about this heat wave?” 

Maybe it got you to eat more salad and watermelon.  

Maybe you’re body is getting a good detox because of all the sweating.

Maybe you’ve lost a couple pounds.  

See? There’s almost always some sort of silver lining.  

See if you can find them.

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