Showers – AM or PM?

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I originally got in the habit of showering at night because I had to hit the ground running in the morning.

I just took one now. Its wonderful.

I know they say you’re not supposed to take a hot shower, but its great to be all toasty and warm, and relaxed, and soft and smooth. What better way to drift off to sleep?

I even had a glass of wine before.

And my practical side says that the sheets stay cleaner 🙂

Which are you –

A hot shower to relax at night, or a cooler shower to wake up in the morning?

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2 thoughts on “Showers – AM or PM?

  1. Marion

    I take a hot shower at night too. I have health problems and if I shower in the morning it will have worn me out for the whole day so I take it before bed and then sleep it off. Then when I get up I can save my energy to get something else done. I have found that if I take one of my small dogs in the shower with me and soap them up at the same time it also saves some energy. They wait at the other end until I’m cleaned up and then they get their turn. I do have a shower head with a hose on it so I can reach down to rinse them.

  2. carol

    i take the showers, or full baths at night. IT is the best time to be clean, after the day’s activities, dust and sweat. and i can wake up slowly in the morning..without shocking my body into motion

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