Should Ms. Universe be Tatoo’d?

We get this little Spanish newspaper here. I don’t know why. There’s nobody Spanish around here that I know of, but we get it every Saturday morning.

I can’t read Spanish, but I flip through it for grins, and there’s good coupons in there..

But they had a spread on the hot Latino babes competing for Ms. Universe. Lots of pretty girls, but…

Ms. Mexico, Ms. Guatemala, Ms. Peru, Ms. Haiti, and Ms. Gran Bretana (where the heck is that?), all have tatoos. And I’m not talking a cute little butterfly. I’m talking huge body art. Ms. Peru is a lovely girl, but that tatoo that starts below her neck and goes down onto her thigh, is really ugly.

I personally feel that these huge tatoos take away from their beauty. And isn’t Ms. Universe supposed to be like the perfect upstanding young lady?

Am I being too much of a prude?

I find myself staring at the tatoos instead of them. I feel sorry for them in a way. They have to live with it long after the coolness wears off. Just my opinion.

What’s yours?

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1 thought on “Should Ms. Universe be Tatoo’d?

  1. Sophia

    You are 101% correct!!!! Tatoos look horrible!
    Alteast some erasable body paint (not permanant marking) is ok.. u can have it for fun for a couple of days or so and rub it away later. Pemanent tatooing is toooo much..
    God’s design is the best, why don’t they leave it
    as it is instead of making painful attempts to
    ‘decorate’ it and fail miserably?
    By the way, I luv your blogs & articles very much. Can’t find such healthy common sense easliy these days.

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