Shocking admission!

Choice is always yours

Choice is always yours (Photo credit: Bindaas Madhavi)

Based on some of the comments I get, it’s become clear to me that I need to clear the air a little.

I am poor.

I make one chicken breast feed 2 because I have to.

I am interested in natural health because I can’t afford to go to the doctor.

I struggle with website design and such because I can’t afford to hire it out.

I don’t have a new TV or cable or an iphone.  Not having TV has turned out to be a blessing. Life is much richer without it.

Yes, I redid my daughter’s bedroom last year. It cost me about $400. I bought a build it yourself bed. Repainted the dresser. Shopped for deals on bedding. And worked 60 hours a week to do it.

So why am I telling you this? For 2 reasons –

1. You can live better for less. You can eating healthier, have a decent home,  wear better clothes – if you’re willing to do things a little differently.

2. You have to make choices.

I know a lady who has talked about wanting to have a better life. She seemed to be interested in advertising and copywriting. I loaned her a copywriting course that cost over a thousand dollars. She returned it to me because she does not have a dvd player.

Really? You’re going to let a $20 dvd player stop you?

Many of the people who constantly whine that they want a better life have 60 inch TVs, $00 a month cable bills, $100 a month cell phone bills, eat lunch out every day…

To an old timer like me – those are luxuries that you get when you can afford them – not something you are entitled to. This entitlement thing is way out of hand. I’m sorry to burst the bubble, but success and riches are not your birthright – and no amount of thinking will make it so.

I can think about a pizza appearing til the cows come home. But until I pick up the phone and order it – it’s just not going to appear.

And if I’m saying yes to pizza, I’m saying no to something else – whether it be paying a bill, or health.

Its all about choice.

It doesn’t cost much to keep your house clean. More effort than money. And if you know how to do it efficiently – it doesn’t even take that much effort.

You can find information on how to fix just about anything on YouTube. When I had my Mazda, I would watch a video on YouTube and then go out and do it.

I’ve used a lot of muffler bandage in my life time.

A head of dark green lettuce is $1.99. A bag of chips is $3.99.

Can’t afford a gym? Resistance bands are like $15. YouTube is free.

I’m so tired of hearing, “But I can’t do that!”

Do you really want to make your life better? The next time you find yourself saying, I can’t”, STOP!

Ask yourself, “How Can I?”


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1 thought on “Shocking admission!

  1. Beth

    You are far “richer” than many other people Carole, because you know your priorities in life. Having good health, great relationships, and a pleasant home environment is very important to our well-being.

    Yesterday I saw that “How can I?” question in a business video. That’s what I am working on right now- bringing more $ in so I have more choices and can pay for necessities as well as a few extras. That question, “How can I?” can be applied to any area of life. Very powerful!

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