Serving Drinks Tonight? Don’t Get Sued

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Happy new year

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If you are having a party, please remember that most states now have laws that may make you liable if your guests have too much to drink and get in an accident or cause harm, or destroy property.

Yes, its true. In our lawsuit crazy, finger-pointing, its always someone else’s fault society – you get blamed if they choose to drink too much at your house.

It’s not like you put a funnel in their mouth and you’re pouring it down their throat for heavens sake!

Regardless, if they are drinking at your house – you are responsible.

Don’t let your guests drive drunk.

Put them in a cab, or have a sober guest drive them home, or put them up overnight.

If you are going out and you will be drinking, make plans ahead of time to either stay overnight or get home safely without driving yourself. Most large cities have free or very cheap cab rides, buses or trains. Most organized parties at hotels and restaurants have options for staying overnight.

Even if you’re the sober one, driving can be a challenge tonight with all the crazies out there. Be extra cautious. They sometimes come out of nowhere.


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In our area, there have been a lot of advertisements for those who want to go out earlier and be home by midnight. (For those who don’t want to miss Dick Clark and Lady Gaga.)

Whatever you are doing – be safe – and Have a Very Happy New Year!

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