Senate moves to outlaw safe food

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First I want to say that I am appalled at the way Congress is working on weekends, over holidays and under cover of darkness to push through legislation that they know their constituents would object to. Like I said in a previous post, I think they’ve forgotten who they really work for. I think it’s high time we remind them.

So, while we’ve been busy planning for our holiday festivities, they’ve quietly been pushing through a ‘Food Safety’ bill. It would essentially require that all food come from commerical agriculture, so that it can be monitored and controlled.

Now mind you – this is the very food that is keeping everyone fat and sick, but under this legislation- that would be your only choice. The original language would have made it illegal to even grown your own food!

Fortunately, has been on top of it. They rounded up a petition and were able to get some language changes made – but it’s not enough. They need you to go and sign the petition too!

It is very important that you take at least this small action to protect your right to eat fresh nutritious food. Please go here and sign the petition –

 I feel bad that I’ve been busy and missed it.  But that is exactly what they hoped for – that we’d all miss it and they could just quietly pass it through. I promise to stay on top of this one better.

If you don’t understand why this is so important – you need to read High Energy Eating. The good new is that you can read it for free when you take a 10 day free trial at Rebel With a Fork. Learn how to get fresh real food back in your household, while you still have the right.

You’ll find tons of information, recipes and gift ideas to make healthy eating easy and totally enjoyable!

Don’t let them take away your right to be healthy. You may not be exercising this right at the moment, but you’ve been meaning to, haven’t you?




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1 thought on “Senate moves to outlaw safe food

  1. Beth

    Thanks for always sharing what you find out regarding what’s going on in Congress. Our country is unhealthy due to the lack of integrity in our political system. I believe the new health care policies as well as the food policies and medicine ones are taking our citizens down the wrong path entirely. Politicians sell their souls, and for what? It’s up to those of us who see this to start the behind the scenes movement to inform people and try to get changes made via the voting booth and other honest methods. You are providing all your readers with a much-needed service. I’m applauding, and then passing on that knowledge to others.

    Have a special week!

  2. sugru

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