Unhealthy Senator Wrote Health Policies – Now dying from them


There are some horrible facts of life –

You reap what you sow

What goes around, comes around

Senator Kennedy is the poster child for American health. Overweight, out of shape, high blood pressure, clogged arteries, and now cancer – completely shunning vitamins or healthy eating in favor of supporting medical industries.

He has been an outspoken supporter of squelching any discussion of natural cures, the use of vitamins, and the healing properties of foods – to such a point that you can actually be jailed for even talking about it.

Now it appears that he may pay for his policies with his life. What a way to find out you’ve made a mistake.

Will he admit it?

Will he and his family now franctically search for the information that could possibly save his life – and not be able to find it because he won’t allow anyone to talk about it?

Hey, they have big pockets, they can find it. But I’m guessing he’s too proud to admit he was wrong. Or has he been paid too handsomely to support these policies to back out, even now?

It’s a wake up call.

Would you take health advice from someone who’s overweight, has high blood pressure and heart disease? You do every day. These are the people writing the U.S. health policies.

You can put your trust in the medical community, or you can choose to stay healthy and out of their clutches.

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4 thoughts on “Unhealthy Senator Wrote Health Policies – Now dying from them

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  2. Jennie Dal Bello

    We’ve been hearing about Senator Kennedy over here in Australia, but certainly not this information. How interesting, and perhaps even ‘just’ wouldn’t you say?

    Also, your article on eating healthily and how you came to being doing that, was very good. The mass of information and knowledge about good health can be a little overwhelming because there is so much to know. For instance, I recently learned that every part of our body has a frequency, and that electrical waves, pollution and toxins etc, unbalance our frequencies, causing disease. I found this out after purchasing some products through a friend to neutralise electrical waves, kill bacteria in the body and food/drink we consume, and relieve pain. Sometimes my head spins thinking about all I need to do to keep healthy…it’s not just eating right and taking a few good supplements LOL.

    I enjoy your writings…keep ’em coming!

  3. Tonita Hocate

    I have determined that this article and reader comments are very interesting. Overall, this is a good web site to find information on issues like natural health. Can someone here show me where to find more particular information on this subject, though? Thanks!

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