A Sci-Fi Food Story


Once upon a time, there was a seed. The seed would grow if given good soil, water, and sunlight, and weeds were pulled.


People didn’t like pulling weeds, so they developed sprays to kill weeds – except it would kill the plants too.


So, scientists developed a new seed that would grow a plant that would not die when sprayed with the weed killer.


Then people, and chickens and cows ate the food from the plants that would not die when sprayed with weed killer.


Some people were opposed to this new seed and didn’t want any part of it, but somehow this new seed invaded their crops.


The company producing this new seed has required that everyone using this seed can no longer save seed to plant next year like they always have. They must buy all new seed. If a farmer is caught using his own seed that came from plants planted with the new seed, the farmer would face huge lawsuits and many years in court.


What about the farmer who did not want the new seed in the first place? That is yet to be played out. But any mutated plants that look different from the others are being pulled. It seems that the new seed grows plants with different properties.


And what about the people, and chickens and cows who eat the food produced by the new seeds?


There is a startling possible connection between the new foods and a fairly new disease called Magellan’s disease. People break out in sores that seem to be caused by red and blue fibers rising to the surface of the skin. Where would red and blue fibers come from? Recent research has suggested a connection between this disease and genetically altered food.


These foods are already on your grocery store shelves, hidden in boxes of cheap, easy to prepare foods. They’re also mixed in the produce department where only those who know the secret code will know the difference.


They’re also in the commercially produced chickens and cows who ate the food from the new seed.


Have you felt any sensations that feel like a small bug running across your skin? They say that’s what Magellan’s disease feels like in the beginning.


Should you be afraid?


I say, be very afraid.

Will you continue to support the lab created foods industry?  (Franken Foods)


Like the old Parkay commercial used to say – “Its not nice to mess with Mother Nature!” They didn’t know how true those words would become.


It’s almost too late. The time to act is NOW!


Pledge to join the Mother’s Day Franken Food Boycott >>>



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