School Supplies


You can save your sanity and save some money buying school supplies. Really.

Have you noticed that the school supplies are starting to pop up in the stores? But you don’t have the list with you! First tip – carry the supply list with you! Then you can pick up things here and there as you spot them cheap.

Tip 2 – buy the stuff now while there’s a big selection.

Tip 3 – buy a few things every time you’re at the store to lessen the impact on the budget. You won’t miss a few bucks here and there.

Tip 4 – Don’t put it off until the last minute when it’s hard to find things. If there’s a weird item on the list – look for it now. Don’t expect that they will have that special putty or calculator in stock. There’s always some item on the list that’s nearly impossible to get, and then you have to run around like a crazy person looking for it, and burning up valuable time and gas in the process.

Of course the easiest way is to head over to, or, or and just plug in your order. I believe all of these sites still have free shipping on orders over $50, so order your own office supplies too if you don’t quite make it. It’s worth it!



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