School and office supplies on sale now

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A variety of office supplies

A variety of office supplies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

School supplies are out and on sale. I know you and the kids don’t want to be thinking about this yet, but if you start now you’ll have a better selection. 

And, if you need to, its easier on the budget if you buy some now and some later.

I learned the hard way a couple of years when I waited. There were important items that were out of stock. That is really frustrating! Don’t take the chance.

Besides, you won’t have to worry about it. You’ll be able to enjoy the rest of your summer right up to the very last minute.

This is also a good time to take an inventory of your office supplies. You need pens, printer paper, post it notes, and other supplies all year. Why not buy them while they’re cheaper?

I use a lot of spiral notebooks for note taking. I always stock up this time of year when they are cheap.

Even printers and tablets are on sale. Hmmm, thinking Christmas?

Batteries too! Don’t forget your thermostat. many require batteries.

If you can afford to, its a good idea to pick up some extras to donate.