Scammers pulling at your heart strings

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Rich Lady on Death BedI haven’t gotten a good scam email in a long time. This one really had me wishing it wasn’t a scam. Who doesn’t want to be recognized as someone who has a big heart and would help poor motherless children? And who would want her deceased husband”s greedy family to get the money?

Good Day,

I am Mrs. Maim Farooq from Canada, Aging widow suffering from long time incurable illness.
Presently I am admitted in a private hospital and don’t know how tomorrow will be like.

I am not afraid of death even if I have no child to succeed my estate left behind by my late husband.

My late husband’s family members wanted me to even die before my time, and for that reason; I now decide to seek one who has a heart to help the Motherless and less privileged in our society to receive and utilize the funds for that purpose.

Can you volunteer or make yourself available to be used in putting smiles or an end to the sufferings of our children out there?

Please if after reading this mail and your heart is troubled to carry on with this project; do not hesitate to avail yourself for this purpose kindly reply.

Mrs. Maim Farooq

I’m guessing if I did a search on the IP it would come up Nigeria.

The sad thing is, many people still fall for this stuff. With the holidays coming up, be really careful about the emails you open, and certainly don’t respond to emails offering you easy money.

Have you gotten any good ones? Share them in the comments. Let’s expose this stuff.

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