Save Homegrown Tomatoes

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 Well, now that health care is done, its time to go back to attacking safe nutritious food.

Don’t you love the tomatoes at a roadside stand? The corn? The homemade jams at the farmers markets? Going apple picking, or strawberry picking, or pumpkin picking?

 The language in Senate Bill S510 threatens this very way of life.

 This bill would require that all food grown for consumption have tracking codes, and licenses, and a bunch of expensive red tape that already struggling small farmers would not be able to afford.  

 Under the current language, I would not be able to give you one of my homegrown tomatoes.

Lets take a nostalgia break –


 And the funny thing is – the contaminated foods have all come from industrial farms. But under this bill, that would end up being our only choice.

 I haven’t seen any pre-made petitions yet. I’m sure they’ll be coming. I didn’t wait. I sent emails to Congresswoman Bean and Senator Burris. I’ll let you know how they respond. But I urge you to send an email to both your senators and representatives.

We have to act fast! This is being pushed through pretty quickly all of the sudden. Let them know we are paying attention!

 I guess they have managed to save our right to take supplements – 

ANH-USA Victory! Supplements Are Exempted From Codex Language in Food Safety Bill – ANH-USA worked closely with our allies in the senate to ensure that dietary supplements are protected from Codex language in the Senate Food Safety bill.

And the FDA is hot on the trail of the Walnut scam –  

Tell The FDA That Cherries—And Now Walnuts—Are NOT Illegal Drugs!
The FDA previously attacked cherry producers. It now says that if you tell consumers about the health benefits of walnuts, you turn walnuts into a drug. Please join us in protesting this attack on both common sense and free speech.

Read more –

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