Healing has been a sad and lonely experience

sad and lonely

Boy, the things we take for granted! Losing your dominant had for a couple of months is a real challenge. I know, most of you probably know that, but this is my first broken bone.

My first order of business – make a pot of coffee. That was pretty easy.

Next – figure out how to get dressed…

I actually went to YouTube and found a video. Mastered that, except I don’t have many clothes with arms big enough for the cast…

Brushing teeth and washing my face was a challenge, but I did it. and Wiped down the bathroom. Yes I did!

The load of dishes in the sink didn’t get done. Thanks guys for the help…Ugh! Washing dishes has been one of the most difficult things.

And guess who took the dog out before bed? You got it. Me.

Day 2

Spent the bulk of the day trying to find an orthopedic surgeon who would take my insurance…to no avail. Sure, I have insurance, but is useless. Finally complained to the State. Got a good Doctor like magic!

Day 3

Trying to get thru life’s basics one handed is exhausting.

Day 5

Had surgery. Got a plate, 3 large pins and  small pins. Yeah, did it good…

Even though they kept me overnight, I still wasn’t considered admitted, so I can still say that I’ve never been admitted to the hospital except for childbirth. Being 61 years old, that’s unheard of!

Day 6,7..

Managed to get a haircut and some clothes.

Day 8

Hit the wall. I was so fatigued, all I wanted to do was sleep. Getting cleaned up and dressed and feeding myself took everything I had.

Oh, not to mention that its been under 15 degrees for the last 2 weeks and I couldn’t get a coat on completely. Not only did I not get any help, but I also had to take the dog out. Everyone’s too busy to take care of her.

And so Christmas came and went. I spent most of my time alone, with the dog. You know how into the whole holiday dinners I am. Not a single bite of holiday foods except cookies. So bummed…

My daughter did make it up a couple of times. That was nice.

I had another friend stop over a couple of times. She’s so sweet.

And everyone else was busy with work and their holiday plans.

I ate what I could prepare with one hand. I wanted to make sure I was getting the nutrients I needed to heal, especially protein.

My sister took ,me to get my cast off on Jan. 2. They took the stitches out. That was the most pain I had! I really hadn’t been in  much pain, but boy that hurt!

I got a new smaller cast. I can get more clothes on, and I can get my coat on! I try to do more everyday. I can almost type with 2 hands. I can almost get my makeup on… but everything is still a bit of a challenge and I get tired. I’m grateful that my case is only temporary.

The Doctor said I’m way ahead of the game. This cast comes off on the 25th.

It was nice to have my sister to talk to for the day.

You know, I didn’t mind being alone when I was healthy and I could come and go as I pleased, but this was a sad and lonely experience.

It got me thinking about people I know who are older and alone. The kids are so busy that they don’t get by very often. I always thought it was kind of sad, but now I know first hand how sad and lonely it is.

I know for me personally, I will try to stay healthy and active as long as possible. Self care isn’t selfish. Its a necessity, There may not be anyone to save you.

I’m really serious. You have to do your best to live a healthy lifestyle. The immediate benefits are being thinner, having more energy, and being sick less often.  The long term benefits will be things like spending time with your grandkids, being able to walk, having less pain, being able to take care of yourself…

Food for thought…

How can you eat healthier without hating your life?

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