Romance or Stalking?

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It always amazes me – what a crazy world we live in now.

There was a story in the paper this week about a cop who had pulled over a girl and given her a ticket. 2 days later, he left a note on her windshield at home.

“its…that ugly bald … cop that gave you a ticket…”

It goes on to say that he has not stopped thinking about her, and that he doubts that a pretty girl like her would ever to for a guy like him, but he is gving it a shot anyway.

Now, in my day, that would have been considered romantic. Even if we weren’t interested, it certainly would have been flattering, and something to laugh about with our girlfriends for days. Talk about making our friends jealous! If we weren’t interested, we just wouldn’t respond.

She filed a lawsuit claiming that this is an invasion of her privacy and that this has caused her great fear and anxiety. That he used his access to her personal information to stalk her.


Now you’re thinking, well, what if he’s a creep?

That is possible, but most creeps would have tried to use this as a get out of the ticket tactic. He did his job and gave her the ticket. Maybe thats why she’s so pissed. But a lawsuit?

He could have gone to her door, or called her. Instead, he simply left a note on her car.

Does a guy now have to worry about the politically correct way to ask someone out?

What do you think? Was this romantic or stalking?

Does it justify a lawsuit?

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5 thoughts on “Romance or Stalking?

  1. Dan

    Somewhere the officer got the impression she was a nice person and there was some interest. I man doesn’t go out on a limb like he did. More than likely she was being extra nice and a little flirty to get out of the ticket to start with and he misinterpreted her.

    A lawsuit is totally assinine. He had her name, he could have gotten her address from the phone book. Stalking? Not hardly. I don’t see any mention of repeated attempts at contact.

    License plate numbers and addresses are public domain knowledge and anyone can obtain that information on the web. In addition, your name and where you reside is not “private” information.

    The fact that he wrote a note and left it shows me he must be a shy individual when it comes to women.

  2. Marion

    I say a person needs to be extra vigilant these days tho. When I moved 18 years ago a cop stalked a woman from her night job and pulled her over and killed her. He left her vehicle right where it was when he took her. He knew her from where she worked and had probably been keeping an eye on her. He was caught tho.

    In my opinion this policeman did use work confidentiality in a wrong manner and I’m not surprised that she is mad. What he did was inappropriate these days.

  3. Carol Slinker

    Carole, I must disagree with you on this one. This guy was totally wrong, and the lawsuit is correct in stating he used his knowledge of her in an inappropriate manner. The major reason is that he is a policeman and a symbol of authority. The girl was right in bringing his action out in the open. This is not at all the same as “some guy” leaving a note on your windshield. This is a policeman, first and foremost. His intent may have been innocent, but his action was immature and comes off as just “creepy”. I don’t blame the girl for being scared.

    This policeman overstepped his bounds, and, as Marion’s story relates, too often this type of story does not end well at all.

    BTW, I am 62, and remember the “old days”, and I can say that I would have creeped out if a cop had left a romantic note on my car, even then.

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