Right your own rules

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I’m supposed to be an alcoholic.What are you supposed to be?

We are all raised with certain expectations. Some good, some not.

Your parents were fat -therefore you will be fat. Right? Wrong!

If you eat the way your parents did, you will be fat.

If I continued drinking like my mother did, I probably would also be dead.

We compare ourselves to others constantly, looking for the norm.

Everyone goes out drinking on Thursday night after work. That is normal.

Then, when you have kids – Everyone complains that they are too tired when they get home to cook, or clean house, or get some exercise. That is normal.

Here’s the thing…

You don’t have to live by what your family genetics or societal standards say you should be.

You can pick your own standards.

You want to be thin, healthy, and full of energy? You can.

You want to live in a clean house and put real dinners on the table? You can… at least most of the time.

I did it. A lot of people did, and still do.

That means you can do it too!

Expect more of yourself.  I know you can, and I think deep inside – you know you can.

Stop letting false expectations ruin your life. Live life the way you want to.


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