Reviving a favorite old pastime

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When the Daily Herald called last week offering 5 weeks for $5, I said yes. I hung up the phone and wondered why I did that. I don’t have time to read newspapers.

As the holidays approach, bringing even more craziness into our lives; I find myself yearning for balance more than ever before. One of the discussions that came up more than once over the weekend was your money or your life – you can’t have both these days it seems.

As guilty as I feel, I’ve been burnt out enough to actually sit and accomplish not much of anything. And I’m finding that I really miss sitting down and reading the paper. The real newspaper. Something not on a computer screen.

I used to love my Sunday mornings – sipping coffee and reading the paper. Its as close as I can get to ‘getting away from it all’ for the moment.

And at least when you finish the newspaper, there isn’t another one like when you get sucked into television.

How do you relax and get away from it all?


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5 thoughts on “Reviving a favorite old pastime

  1. Beth Earle

    For me it is usually getting away from the phone and computer. Taking a walk in nature, a bubble bath, reading an enjoyable book or magazine,baking, or creating a new recipe,doing a crossword puzzle, or many other things like those that help me relax.

  2. mervinny

    While reading this post I just can’t help rewind the days when we sat on the patio with mom and dad and all of us kids also were reading magazine while our parents get each one newspaper they like much. A lemonade with banana cake completed the scene. It has always been like that during Saturday afternoon since the papers we subscribe together with the news arrived in the house. How I wish I can have that lay back life just like before.
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  3. Carole

    mervinny, that sounds so blissful! While I don’t want to sit around too long, it sure would be nice to have some time to just relax and be with people doing things you love to do, wouldn’t it? This 24×7 always connected and running life is not fun.
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