Return of the Killer Tomatoes

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Once the subject of a b-rate horror spoof movie, now
appearing on a salad plate in a restaurant near you.
Another healthy food gone bad –

Oh wait – that was back in September. It’s long over
now. Why are we seeing this story now? Slow news
weekend or what?

It’s not like we don’t have enough problems getting
people to eat right, but we need to throw in some
sensationalized press to really stir people up.

But the health problems associated with soy? Oh no-
we won’t hear about that. And why?

It’s a big industry.

If you think the food industry is really looking
out for your health when they come out with these
fantastic new, healthier products, don’t believe
it. They’re just trying to keep you comfortable
so you’ll keep spending money on their products.
I don’t believe lab food is healthy. Just my
opinion. What’s yours? I saw someone call
them Frankenfoods. Isn’t that funny?

But these foods won’t jump out of your drain
and suck your blood. They will be much more
insidious – killing you slowly from the inside
out. Real life can be much more horrifying than
movies. Ask anyone with Cancer.

And mutant tomatoes? May not be that far fetched
with all this genetic engineering.

But for today – tomatoes and spinach are safe.

Take care of yourself! No one else will.

Have a great day. Talk to you soon.


a.k.a. ‘Mother’

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