Restrictions don’t work

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Halloween in Mid-City New Orleans. Xy lets the...

Halloween in Mid-City New Orleans. Xy lets the neighbor kids take a reach in her candy pot. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The day after Halloween – All Saints Day.

I have to laugh – parents all over are stressing about their kids
eating too much candy. They’re restricting access, taking candy
away, and teaching bad habits.

First off, many of these parents don’t eat right themselves –
and they don’t get exercise. They’ve tried restrictive diets
and failed. But now they try restriction as a way to teach
their kids to eat right.

Restriction does not work. It only makes you want more.
If you let your kids eat their fill on halloween night, they
will get as much as they want, or more than they want –
and that will be the end of it. They might pick at it for
days after that- but if it’s just sitting there, most kids
will hardly pay attention to it after a couple of days.
I’ve had candy sit for months without being touched.

But, if a kid has been subject to restrictions – they will
eat and eat and eat because they are sure that they
won’t be able to get more. And there the problems
will follow them for the rest of their lives.

We have a natural balancing mechanism in our brains
that if not messed with, will allow us to naturally eat a variety of
foods, both healthy and not so healthy – in balance.

Listen to the messages your own body sends you –
and try not to mess with your kids natural balancing

Have a healthy day!


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