Repeat Something Good for National Repeat Day

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National Repeat DayAccording to National Day Calender, today is


Annually celebrated on June 3, it is National Repeat Day.  Repeat day, repeat day, is a day to do, is a day to do, things over and over, things over and over, again and again, again and again.


When you are getting dressed this morning, put your socks on, take them off and put them on again.  When you start your car to leave for work, turn it off and start it again.  Do you have a favorite restaurant?  Go there for breakfast and then again for lunch.  Do you have a favorite movie you like to watch?  Watch it, then watch it again.  One movie you may want to watch today could  be “Groundhog Day”, a 1993 film in which the main character is affected by a time loop.

Seems like just another Bang Your Head Against the Wall Day, doesn’t it?

I think most of us are tired of repeating our same fruitless activities.

How can we make this a good thing?

Kids love to repeat. You can have them recite a line you would want them to learn, over and over.

You can have them repeat eating a vegetable.

You can have them repeat a dance or exercise move.

Oh Wait! Any of these would be good for adults too 😉

One of the most beneficial repetitions is an affirmation.

One that works wonders is – “I am a good person who always does my best.”

A funny thing happens when you take this affirmation to heart. Whenever you do something that is not in alignment with that statement, it won’t feel good.

I’m totally serious.

Repeat this affirmation often. Then start noticing how it feels when you go to step over that laundry on the floor, or when you serve fast food for dinner, or when you want to eat those last few french fries, or when you’re tempted to leave something undone.

If you keep repeating this affirmation, you will subconsciously start living up to it.

What’s really cool is how your life starts to change because of it.

So – Repeat with me – “I am a good person who always does my best!” Repeat…

Have a great day!   Have a great day!

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