Regular Dirt vs Construction Dirt

I came home the other day to new windows. The downside is that I came home to a layer of dust over everything.

Regular dirt isn’t that hard to keep up with. But construction dirt? OMG! My Kirby is my best friend these days.

Between the storms, the tree, the new siding and windows – my blinds were horrendous. I figured we aren’t going to get too many more nice days, so I took the blinds down to clean them. I HATE that job.

It gave me the opportunity to put some cleaners to the test.

My neighbor has been raving about Greased Lightning – sold at Menards (one of my favorite stores). She said it was recommended for her new granite countertops.

I’ve also been meaning to try the new green Clorox line.

I took the blinds outside – a job in itself. 4 of my blinds are too big to fit in the bathtub. I have like 30 feet of blinds just to give you an idea..

I started spraying them down with the Greased Lightning. It immediately started eating through all the dirt and grime, even on the strings. I let it sit for about 10 minutes and hosed it off. I swear my blinds have never been this clean.

I left the kitchen blind for the Clorox test. It sprayed the blind down, let it sit, rinsed it off, sprayed it down again. No comparison. And I hated the smell! It’s really strong smelling.

Now I have to warn you – the Greased Lightning says not to use it on aluminum or acrylic. Which is a bummer. I was going to try it on the horribly yellowed ceiling tiles that I was going to replace anyway – but I didn’t waste the time. But my tub surround is very old and yellowed. I was hoping to see if the Greased Lightning would help, but now I’m afraid I’ll ruin it – and I can’t replace that right now. One room at a time…

I did replace the acrylic ceiling tiles in the drop ceiling in the kitchen. I repainted the tracks. The panels are 2 ft. by 4 ft. I knew I would have to cut 2. I didn’t plan of having to cut 5. UGH. Nothing in this house is normal.

The antique wallpaper in the kitchen is gone except behind the stove.

Now its on to the fun job of glue residue removal.

I have a loooong way to go…

2 thoughts on “Regular Dirt vs Construction Dirt

  1. Debbie

    I have been using Greased Lighning for years, and yes, it is “the stuff”. I used to work at a car dealership and the guys in the clean up shop turned me on to the Greased Lightning.
    Hey, when you get everything stripped, cleaned, replaced and looking good again, post some “after” pictures.
    Thanks, have a great day!

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