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Ah yes, the January-February doldrums in the artic. Next week we are going to be plunged back into the deep freeze. UGH.

The Good news is – Every season has its own favorite food traditions. When its so cold outside, turning on the oven is a great idea! Around here, we look forward to the season of home baked cookies.

You’re probably thinking, “That’s not healthy!” 

Let’s clear up a couple things here.

Sugar has been made to be this vilian. Sugar in and of itself is not evil, if it is eaten the way is was intended to be eaten. A little bit as a treat. It is not meant to be sustenance.

If you eat packaged products, you are eating sugar all day long every single day. That is not a good thing.

If you eat packaged products, along with all of the sugars are tons of chemicals that we don’t want to eat.

If you make your own cookies – they have real butter, flour, eggs, sugar, and assorted other ingredients. But you know whats in it.

If you put a couple of home baked cookies in a lunch, its better for you than a lot of things you otherwise might put in a lunch.

Now one of the biggest problems is stopping at just a couple. And that’s just something you need to get better with. Not wanting to waste things, I always felt compelled to eat as much as I could before they went bad.

Guess what? You can put them in the freezer. Then you can just take a couple out at a time. I would even venture to say that they taste even better after they’ve been frozen. I didn’t believe it either, but its true.

But the other cool thing about baking cookies is the bonding that happens. Its probably one of the most magical things you can do.

This is also my favorite time of year for big pots of chili, the chicken brushetta, meat loaf, the Puffy Parmesan broccoli bake, soups…

You can make banana bread, or pumpkin bread to have on hand for breakfasts.

Take advantage of the weather. You’re not going to want to turn the oven on when its 90.

Each season has its own special things to look forward to. Its the spice of life. It keeps you from getting bored!

Try some new stuff this weekend – and keep that oven going!


3 thoughts on “Real Comfort Food

  1. kari

    Hey Carol! We LOVE baking around our house! I must admit though that Grace and Bruce are the experts at baking.. I just get to reap the rewards of eating their goods! Last round of chocolate chip cookies were so awesome! I can’t just eat one… once started, it’s off to the races we go! Thankfully, I am a “workoutaholic” too! Your right, each season has it’s good and bad’s but the understanding that each season, such as the seasons of our lives, all have a purpose and to sit back, relax, and enjoy them for what they are is paramount to happiness. One of our other favs is ice skating on Jones Island, making snow angels, and shoveling (yes, I said shoveling) our looooong driveway.. such a good workout and when we all get out there do our part, it’s cool. Literally. Nice crisp air, occassional breaks for snowball throwing, and just being togethor.. Priceless!

  2. Carole Post author

    I’m a weirdo too – I like shoveling, as long as its not before work.

    Remember, put the cookies in the freezer to reduce the chomping, and keep them longer!

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