Real Chicken

The stores in my area are starting to carry ‘natural’ meats.

No hormones. Grass fed. Free Range. One package said minimally processed or something to that effect.

We all know that the commercial meat supply is full of all kinds of things that aren’t good for us – hormones, antibiotics, chemicals. But it’s cheaper. Our grocery budgets are already strained.

Well, I bit the bullet and paid the higher price.

Oh my gosh! What a difference! The chicken was so good. It was falling apart, and juicy. It had flavor, can you imagine? My daughter’s chicken disappeared so fast – and then she was looking for more.

I’ll cut out more junk and pay the higher price. I am a definite convert.

If you’re not aware of the dangers lurking in your food, be sure you open you copy of High Energy Eating and find out what you can do about it.

To your good health,


a.k.a. – ‘Mother’


1 thought on “Real Chicken

  1. Dorthey Mohn

    A great idea for future recipes this. Thank you for sharing it. Have you noticed how so many people appear to be cooking again? I wonder if the lack of funds due to the current climate has something to do with it and we all appear to be cooking again! its great!

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