Ready for some scary self discovery?

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English: This is a colorful gradient version of the Enneagram figure or diagram. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I got an email about some enneagram test to discover your personality type. The pitch is for a program to help you stop sabotaging yourself.

So I hopped over to Google to look up this test. I had never heard of it before. Have you?  

I found this site where you can take the test for free.

The results were sort of depressing, but accurate. But here is the scary part.

I went back to the email and visited the site. When I signed up for the free video, he said that a link to a free ebook was in my email that would describe the different personalities. I didn’t get it! Not even in my spam. I actually went back and signed up a second time to get it.

This description was 100% accurate. I mean scary, deep inside me accurate. How I think. Things I do.

Now the course they are selling is geared towards people with their own business and how to improve their results, and quit sabotaging themselves. You may not be interested in the course. But I would suggest that you sign up to get the free ebook. It is creepy accurate! (I am not affiliated in any way.)

Let me know if the results were accurate for you too.

Of course now I don’t know what to do with this knowledge. I have to do more research on this…

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