Reaching your weight loss goals

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A big goal for a lot of people year after year is losing weight.

The problem is, losing weight permanently requires a lifestyle change – not a diet. There is no red button that you can press to instantly lose weight and keep it off.

One of the best changes you can make is to eat more fruits and vegetables. There are a number of simple ways to do that.

Fresh vegetable juice is a solution many people like. You can get your whole day’s worth of fruits and vegetables in one glass.

The so called green powders are gaining in popularity since you just take a scoop and mix it in a glass of water. I have not tried them. I am not an advocate for anything instant. They never measure up to the real thing.

You could eat a salad every day. With a good salad, you can get 2 or 3 servings of vegetables in one bowl.

You can refer back to the article It’s easy to get your 5-9 for more ideas to help you get your fruits and vegetables everyday.

Many people require more of a structured plan. I have looked at a lot of plans to see what kind of garbage people are selling. There is one that seems to stand out from the crowd. This program is put together by a nutritionist, and the plan uses real food. The recipes I’ve seen all sound really good. You can check out that weight loss program here.*

Now if you are not real inclined to actually try to eat better, there is a course by Dan Robey who is the positive habits specialist. He teamed up with a hypnotist to create an interesting program called Hypnotic Habits.*

And if you are a real hard core case, you may want to try hypnosis programs. There is one called Think Thin,* and another one called Super Slim Me.* These programs are designed to help you think like a thin person would think, and therefore you will eat like a thin person would eat. Yes, thin people really do think differently.

Trendy diets of the year are only going to put you right back in the same spot you are in now – year after year, after year… Isn’t it time to get off that treadmill?

You know the level of support you need to succeed. If you are motivated enough, I will give you a tip to implement into your life every Wed. This week, I’m asking you to focus on getting 5-9 servings of vegetables in every day. I’m not even asking you to give up anything.

If 5-9 seems overwhelming right now – start with 3-5 and work up.

If you need a more structured program, or you want faster results, check out the other programs and see if they fit your needs.

Don’t fall for the instant stuff. The bars, the shakes, the meal replacements, the pills, the shots, and all that other garbage is not going to give you a long term solution. If you want a thin and healthy body, you need to change your lifestyle. That is the truth – like it or not.

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weight loss resort - Morning Beach Walk (Photo credit: ninahale)

In time, you will like it. You’ll wonder how on earth your old ways were appealing to you. Honest. It happens to everyone who sticks with it. Many of the foods you think you like now will turn your stomach. When that starts happening, you know you’re turned the corner and won’t look back.

Won’t that be great?

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