Random Project – Expired Food

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"Sugar-Flour-Cereal-Spice Canned Food&quo...

How old is it?

OK, here is your next random project – Go through your cabinets, pantry, and fridge and throw away all expired food. Free up that space!

I’m kinda bad in this respect. I’ll buy something, try it and not like it – but I feel guilty throwing away food.

I got Bob and the boys eating real butter instead of that fake stuff in the tub. We had 2 tubs that expired over a year ago! UGH! It’s time to take care of this stuff and make room!

Or how about this trick?

No one will use the last little bit of something. This milk carton has been sitting like this for over 2 weeks –

almost empty milk

Don’t you just love it? I wonder how long it would sit there. I’m almost tempted to find out. I should have a contest. Whoever gets the date when someone other than me throws it out…

Oh… take a look at your cold remedies too.


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