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Gmail and Yahoo have just made changes to the way you get, or don’t get your emails.

While your emails getting lighter may seem like welcome relief, there are cases where its a real pain.

If you are doing business with a small company, you must make sure that you go through the procedures to  tell these email providers that you WANT to get these emails. The same goes for any newsletters that you actually want to read. 

Where it gets to be a real pain is when you have a question about a purchase, or you want a refund. I went through this today myself.

If the emails can’t get through, how is anyone supposed to be able to help the customer?

I know, it is because of all of the spammers who have hacked and abused us all, but now it is up to you to be more proactive in telling your providers what emails you want to receive.

Google has made it fairly easy. When you find an email that you want to receive in your Promotions tab, you simply drag it to Primary.

The problem is, you have to specifically open your Promotions tab and go through it.

I can’t figure out Yahoo (Yahoo, AT&T, SBC). Maybe its the same idea, you move the email from the trash to inbox? I can’t find any information on the site. Maybe I’m blind.

In any event, if you think that a company hasn’t answered your email, you need to look in your promotions tab for Gmail, or your trash and spam  folders in Yahoo.

It certainly looks like Google is trying to squash small business. They discontinued the RSS reader so you had to scramble to find a new service if you wanted your newsletters. Now they are making it harder for small business to communicate with their customers by email.

Its a shame. The Internet has offered opportunity for people who cannot otherwise find jobs. You have all kinds of people operating small businesses on the Internet. You can find hand crafted jewlry, golf, piano, guitar, and voice lessons, and all kinds of stuff that you wouldn’t find in stores.

But Google only wants their paid advertisers to show up in your email and on search. Their paid ads even show up in your promotions tab. That’s the kind of stuff that happens when companies grow too big…


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