Prescriptions for Everything

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In another move towards requiring an expensive trip to the doctor, followed by an expensive prescription for every little thing – the federal health advisors panel has recommended that over the counter cold medicines for children under 6 be pulled.

One problem is that parents accidentally overdose their kids, giving them one product for fever, another for cough, and so on. Many products contain the same ingredients. And I do think that’s a valid issue.

But another statement floored me. They said that they don’t work anyway.


I guess they’ve never had sick kids.

Some products don’t work as well as others, but that’s true of anything. To make a blanket statement like that is ridiculous.

So what can you do as a parent? For now, the medicines for kids age 2-6 are still available (I believe they have pulled all infant formulas) and will be subject to FDA procedures, which can take quite a while – but they really seem to be stepping up the move to make things unavailable to us.

The best you can do is to make sure your kids are eating healthy so they have a strong immune system. Encourage hand washing. Make sure they get enough exercise and sleep. Keep your home clean and take special care to clean where germs gather, like the phones, the sinks, door-knobs, etc.

For a compelte guide on healthy foods you and your family already loves to eat, pick up a copy of High Energy Eating.

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