Prepping for Holiday Fun


Last night I was actually working on that decorating e-book that I’ve wanted to get to for like the last year. I was really getting into it and having fun.

And then it hit me.

I haven’t had much fun for quite a while now.

I’m sure that’s reflected in my writing lately too, hasn’t it?

Between the stress of the job, the stress of quitting the job, all the computer problems, Mary’s death, the funeral – and the darkness that seems to have overtaken the world lately. UGH!

No matter what happens with the election, tomorrow we need to get back to living our lives.

Get the house cleaned and ready for the holidays,

Get our bodies fortified for another long cold winter,

And holy cow, try to have more fun!

I’m predicting that the haze we’ve been living in lately will lift tomorrow.

It’s going to get cold this weekend. So I made sure to get out and clean the outside of the house. Did my window trick, hosed down the siding, cleaned up the gardens. It feels good to have it done, but sad that the warm weather will soon be over.

It was really nice having these few nice days in November! I hope you got out and enjoyed them – even though it’s dark so darned early now L

I’m really tempted to put up my Christmas tree. That’s one advantage to an artificial tree. I can leave it up for months if I want to. Plus, having the tree up at Thanksgiving Dinner will really annoy my father 😉

Even at my age, annoying your parents is still fun.

Oh, speaking of Thanksgiving – The latest Dance Through Thanksgiving Guide is ready! (click on the title to download free)

Start doing little things now so you can have a stress free Thanksgiving!



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