Perfect time to start spring cleaning

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Its snowing in much of the country. This puts snowmaggedon to shame. If you’re in one of the affected areas – being outside is miserable.

On days like these, you just want to pull the covers up over your head and wait it out until spring.

This is a great time of year to get a lot of your spring cleaning done. What else are you going to do? You can use the time constructively and then when it does get warm, you have full permission to get outside and play!

You can –

Get the curtains washed

Wash figurines

Clean the ceiling fans and light fixtures

Clean out drawers

Wipe out cabinets (don’t forget the medicine cabinet)

Clean out closets

Clean shelves

Paint a room

Decorate a room

Rearrange furniture

Shred old papers

Donate old magazines to the library

Throw out old catalogs

Start pricing stuff for a garage sale

Donate old clothes

Make new floral arrangements. Silk flowers are usually on sale cheap this time of year.

My neighbor got a new heater in his garage, and he’s been busy remodeling the garage. Dry wall, storage, even pictures!

The other cool thing is, you don’t have to kill yourself. We have plenty of winter left. Do one drawer a day, or one cabinet. I like tackling things in little chunks. It gets done without feeling like you had to kill yourself doing it. No stress!

And every minute you are up moving around, you are burning calories.

Don’t let all this time we’re stuck in the house go to waste!

Get the system that makes it all so easy…


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