People want healthy food


“We’ve called this emergency meeting today because it seems that some people are waking up and want more real food! We have to find ways to create more real food!”


“Ok. Let’s spray the fruits and vegetables with all kinds of chemicals to keep bugs away, and make them look good until people buy them.”


“Is that good for them?”


“Who cares? We’re here to make money, remember? Keep that straight if you want to keep your job bucko.”


“What about this rotating crops thing? That takes too much time.”


“Right, we have to stop that.”


“What if people find out that the soil is completely void of any nutrients?”


“We’ll tell them that we’ve added vitamins, and they’ll pay even more!”




“But how do we make it taste like something?”


“Easy, sell ‘em dressings and sauces and publish all kinds of “healthy eating” recipes using our products. They want to believe that adding tomatoes to mac & cheese makes it healthy. We give ‘em what they want. We aim to please 😉 ”


“Now, we’ve got to convince the government.”


“And we have to strongly suggest that it will kill the whole economy if people find out they could get healthy and get out of ‘The System. Those vitamin pushers are really getting to be troublesome. We’ve got to stop them.”


“Right! We can’t afford for people to find out that all they have to do is quit eating our food and eat real food that they can get locally and cook up really quick, take some vitamins, get some exercise and get enough sleep. We’ll all be in the poor house!”


“And that cancer vaccine, boy that was a streak of genius! I can’t believe people fell for that one! I’m glad I’ll be retired before the shit hits the fan on that one!”


“Now I’m going home and pick my salad out of my garden and cook up some grass fed steaks and get some sleep.”


“Want to take home a sample?”


“No Way! I’m not touching that stuff!”


(laughter erupts) “ha, ha. Have a good night.”




You might be wondering – why all the melodrama?


I want you to think about it the next time you go to put a forkful of artificially flavored chemicals into your mouth. I want you to go look at the label and see how much recognizable food is listed.


I want you to question a healthy recipe when the picture of the author shows someone weighing just under 200 pounds.


I want you to understand that most health problems are caused by a lack of nutrition.


But on the other hand, I don’t want you to be subjected to the extremists on the other side. In my opinion, they are just as dangerous.


I want you to ask yourself questions when you read a health article. Why is there suddenly all this gluten sensitivity? Why do so many people have type II diabetes? Why did Dr. Atkins die of heart disease?


Yes, I want you to THINK!


Listen, it’s not the ice cream and donuts that’s going to kill you. Within reason, OK? It’s all the fake packaged foods and the soda pop – diet and regular. You don’t have to be a saint, but you do have to remove the killer foods from your diet and replace them with super foods. Plain old fresh vegetables and fruits, lean meats, chicken, fish, you know, normal food. The stuff people were eating before everyone got fat and sick.


I want you to have a happy healthy long life, and that’s just not going to happen if you keep eating the typical American diet.

The events listed in the beginning posts about “The System” are real. Take a good look at the people around you everyday and you’ll see that it’s true. How many people do you know that are obese? Have diabetes? High blood pressure? Cancer?


Now, how many people do you know that take no meds?


So, I hope this bit of melodrama will stick in the recesses of your brain, and you’ll stop and think about what you’re eating a little more often.




Author of High Energy Eating

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  1. Jennie

    Great article…I love how you write! You are so right about no nutrients left in the soil – there’s around 75% less minerals than there were 60 years ago. I highly recommend the book – The Root Of All Disease – very eye-opening content! You can download it free from my website at I used the Atkins diet a few years ago to successfully lose weight, but certainly don’t recommend it for long term use. It was reported over here in Australia that he died after slipping on ice and hitting his head. Is that incorrect?

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