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I received an interesting query this morning and thought I’d pass it on to you. I thought you might be interested in participating. If you do participate – come back and tell us about it! Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

15)Summary: Seeking people for time makeovers

Name: Laura Vanderkam

Category: General



Media Outlet: freelance (book plus articles)

Specific Geographic Region: N


Deadline: 11:07am EASTERN – 22 July


For my upcoming book 168 Hours (Portfolio, 2010) I am seeking people who
are willing to log their time for 168 hours (one week) and then participate
in a “time makeover.” This will be largely based on what the person wants
to get out of his/her time, but could include more time to sleep, better
ways to use family time, strategies for fitting in a hobby or more exercise
time, ways to invest more in career-building, etc. The ideal people already
do a lot with their time but want to do more! I want to use these makeovers
in my book, but also in the articles I will write leading up to the
release. I freelance for a variety of places including USA Today, the Wall
Street Journal, etc. (for clips see I am seeking
people from all over the country with interesting jobs or life situations,
men and women (though I particularly need more men). Please contact me at Thanks! Laura Vanderkam

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