Painfully Practicing What I Preach

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baby steps

I’ve been pretty quiet lately. Some have been concerned that maybe I’m not doing well. I’m doing OK. I’m thinking better. I still haven’t gotten my strength back, and that is really frustrating. But there are no signs of cancer. A couple other issues, but no cancer.

Use it or lose it is real! Chemo, surgeries, and laying around for a year has been devastating for my body. I’m so weak. My 74 year old land lady is stronger than I am. How embarrassing!

I’ve got the resistance bands out, and its finally warm so I can get out and walk more. I’m working on it!

I’ve missed talking to you, but I had to put my head down and focus!

Here’s the scoop.

I’m rebuilding Sane SuperWoman Club.

I’ve put it off for years because it is such a ig undertaking. I considered just letting it go by the wayside, but a few people let me know that they loved the club, so I feel compelled to bite the bullet and do it…


Well, there’s Carol who said that she learned how to cook a turkey from me.

Then there is Fiona who has raved about how I helped her keep her house in order, and goes out of her way to stay in contact as a friend.

Then there is Sue who was having a big party in a few days and the house was a mess.

Then I ran into Mel a few days ago. She said, “You always said that if you do a little every day, you’ll never have a big mess. I didn’t and I have a big mess.”

And many others. I could only quit if I really wasn’t helping anyone and it didn’t really matter. But, if I am helping others have a better life, then it is my responsibility to continue on as long as I can.

But it hasn’t been easy –

The software needed to be updated. What a nightmare!

The design needed to be updated. I tried a couple fancy designs, but they just didn’t work for what we need. Plus, they were too complicated for me…

The content needs to be reorganized and reformated. There’s over 1400 pages… and its a mess!

Plus there were things I wanted to do before, but I didn’t know how, or could not afford to do it.

I’ve had to take it one baby step at a time.

There have been many tears… but I’ve been pushing through.

Just like I always tell you to do – Take baby steps and keep moving forward.

You are welcome to watch the progress if you want. Its kinda like watching paint dry right now, but you’re welcome to take a look.

Now that I’m over some of the worst hurdles, I should be back to posting at least a couple times a week – so I’ll talk to you soon!




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