Over-reacting to swine flu

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OK, everyone is going crazy over this swine flu thing.

Step back, take a deep breath, and take a drink of orange juice.

Feel better?

I just got a note from my daughter’s school about another school in a neighboring district that has closed because of one suspected case of this flu.

Think about this. We are closing schools because one person might have flu? HELLO?

My sister’s friend called while I was their last night and asked if she should keep her son home from school beacuse he might get flu. Now, he is medically chellenged, but there is one suspected case of flu in the entire county.

C’mon guys. It’s flu.

Yes, it will spread globally. Everything will. People travel all over the world every single day. That’s the nature of our world now. Are you going to live in a bubble?

The best thing you can do is get yourself healthy so you’re less at risk.

Of course the other benefits of getting healthy are –

More energy to enjoy life

Think clearly, no more mental fog

Take fewer prescription drugs – avoid side effects and save tons of money

Look great -you’ll look younger longer, your skin will have a healthy glow, your weight won’t be a problem anymore,

There’s probably a hundred great reasons to get healthy. Which ones are most important to you?

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