Outsmarting Energy Drains

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energyI’ve been on jury duty for a little over a week now. One comment that I hear from my fellow jurors is that when they get home, they are totally drained. Its mentally draining. Not to mention that the courtroom is on the third floor and none of us are used to stairs anymore.

I’m used to planning around my energy levels, so I thought I’d give you some tips to help you outsmart your energy drains…

Get enough sleep

Duh, right? We all know it, but do we do it?

Get up a few minutes earlier

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Don’t overload your brain

If you know you have a big meeting or project that’s going to require a lot of thinking, relax and do something mindless at lunch. Take a walk, watch birds, meditate…

Make sure you take that break. You’ll be more refreshed and productive.

Hydrate your brain

Remember that our bodies are primarily water. That goes for your brain too. If you want your brain firing on all cylinders, make sure it is well hydrated.

How well does a dry sponge work? It doesn’t work until you give it water, right? Picture your brain as that dried out sponge.

Get some exercise

I know, it seems counter-intuitive, but getting exercise will build your stamina – both physically and mentally.

My kind of fast food

That’s my kind of fast food!

Plan an easy dinner

Plan something that takes less than a half hour to make, and not much brain-power. My favorite is steak or a chicken breast, salad or steamed broccoli, and a (microwave) baked potato.

Resist the temptation to get fast food. These simple dinners taste great and will refuel you. You won’t feel like passing out after you eat it.

Have a bedtime ritual

I turn off the computer. Clean the last few dishes that show up. Set up the coffee. Get my glass of water. Fill the water pitcher. Take a hot shower. Lotion up. Do a quick wipe down in the bathroom. Settle into bed. Pass out.

If you have trouble unwinding and turning your brain off, you might want to try listening to this. Turn the screen off, and turn the sound down to where you can barely hear it. I find it soothing. See if it works for you.

How about you? Do you have ways to defeat energy drains?

I’m off to start my bedtime ritual. Have a great night!

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