Our Favorite Apples

Favorite Apples

There seems to be so many different kinds of apples. Do you ever just stand there wondering which one to get? I know I do. Here’s a rundown of the most popular apples –

Honeycrisp -golden with red striping, juicy, crisp, sweet

Pink Lady -blush color, both sweet and tart

Red Delicious – very red and sweet.

Golden Delicious – Yellow to a light yellow-green, hold their shape during baking.

Gala – red or golden with red striping, crispy, yellowish white sweet flesh

Fuji – super sweet, juicy, crisp

Granny Smith – green, crisp and a little tart.

Goldrush – golden bronze with a sweet flavor. Hybrid. Never seen one but its on the list.

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    Carole – So impressed with your new site! Happy to have your wise reflections on our crazy life these days! I keep putting off redoing mine, good for you! You have always been an inspiration for me.

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