OMG – Puppy Love is a Real Thing!

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puppySometimes my heart bleeds for this puppy She is so in love with her master.

When he leaves, she cries.

We’ll be playing, but she’s always listening for him to come home. If she hears a car door, she stops to listen…is it him?

As soon as he walks in the house – I’m chopped liver..

The really sad part is that he rarely spends any quality time with her. When he is home, he’s sleeping or paying video games.

He’ll take her out on nice days – out to the forest preserve or out for a run.

But dogs need exercise an stimulation every day.

Yesterday she didn’t sleep at all during the day. Last night she was literally falling over trying to stay awake until her love came home.

Even after we went to bed, she would perk up every time she heard a noise

He just got home after being gone like 45 hours. Babe and I were playing when he walked in. She promptly dropped the ball and went to him. Shortly after, he laid down. She will be locked away with him in his room for the most part the rest of the day and all night.

Its really sad, and it really pisses me off.

It got me thinking about how so many women do the same thing. Myself included. I think we’ve all had relationships where –

  • We drop our girlfriends for a man.
  • We pine away over a man that doesn’t deserve it.
  • We exist waiting for those few moments when ‘he’ will show us some love.

With all the dogs I’ve had or been around, its the first time I’ve experienced this. It just felt so weird because I understood exactly how she felt.

Have you ever experienced puppy love?

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