OMG – I’m 54!

Yep, I just turned 54. I look at that number and I just can’t believe it. I sure don’t feel that old. I have officially out lived my mother. I look at pictures of old friends, and I’m amazed at how old everyone has gotten. It shocks me. And all of their health problems sadden me.

I’m so thankful that –

I don’t wake up hurting

I don’t spend hundreds of dollars on medications

I’m not sick

I don’t diet

I enjoy great food

I look, feel, and act younger than others my age

I’m back to the same size I wore at age 17. OK, maybe I’m not quite so happy about that, but that seems to be my body’s natural set point. Its just hard buying clothes when you have the body of a 17 yr. old at my age.

Is it luck?

I guess you could say I’m lucky that I never cared for packaged foods and learned how to make fast easy meals from scratch.

Or you could just call me a food snob. I absolutely despise the lab created chemical garbage that tastes bad and is making everyone fat and sick. I only want to eat good food.

Or you could call me a Rebel With a Fork –

But don’t call me old!

3 thoughts on “OMG – I’m 54!

  1. Debbie

    You are totally not old…remember the 50’s are the new 40;s and to think with your healthy habits that we are all so lucky to be able to learn them, the 50’s may be the new 30’s. Look at Jack after all 😉

  2. carol

    Happy Birthday! You are doing great. Love your recipes. I agree that good natural food is the way to go. Lucky to have been raised on a farm without steroid beef or milk, I turned 61 in January and still actively working, gardening and participating in 5K walk/runs Spring and Fall.

    You are just proof it is never too late to improve our lives. Love your recipes and, as always, your “common sense”. – Your buddy, Carol

  3. Scotsgal

    Wishing you a belated Happy Birthday. You sure do look good for your age. You are evidence that your system works. I love your recipes, wish I had more time to stop by I spend a lot of my free time enjoying all your truly amazing and enlightening ebooks, and if I’m laid up for a week or so (due to my beastly MS) I decide what recipes to try in the months ahead.
    Fortunately I was raised the natural way, and come from a family of semi-vegetarians/vegetarians. What you advise us to do reinforces life lessons for me and my hubby and 4 kids
    Well done Carole!

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