Oh Oh – the fall rush is here!

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What’s that sound off in the distance? Sleigh Bells?

Yep,. it will be here faster than you think.

Here’s some things you need to get done pretty quickly if you live in a colder climate –

⇒ Yard work

⇒ Clean Gutters

⇒ Window washing (including car windows)

⇒ Getting the car ready for winter – check tires, fluids, hoses and belts

⇒ Cleaning the chimney and fireplace if you have one

⇒ Checking furnace and replacing your furnace filters

⇒ Making sure coats, hats, gloves, snow boots and blankets are ready

I don’t know about you, but I got a little complacent enjoying all the warmer weather.

Its time to step it up and start getting these things done. I’m right there with you!


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