Oh geez, now fish oil?

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A new study has coming out in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute that says that there is a connection between high levels of Omega 3s and prostate cancer.

As I read through all the ‘say it ain’t so’ bantering, I found 1 little reference. It reminded me of the Framington Report and the China Study that had set out to bastardize animal protein. The only thing that came out really evil was casein found in cow’s milk.

So what was the one reference?

In the China Study, they found that people who consumed small amounts, under 6 oz. of red meat were healthier than both those who ate none, and those who ate more. They found that the optimal intake of red meat was between 3-6 ounces. But since they were out to discredit meat, that point was not picked up in the super sensationalism.

The same thing occurred in this study. Those who ate 2 servings of fish per week were healthier than those who ate none, or those who ate more. You can equate that to 400 mg. twice a week for supplement takers.

Here’s the thing – Ever heard of a balanced diet? Its the way we used to eat.

Your body needs lots of different nutrients from lots of different foods. They work together in combinations that we are only starting to understand.

This isolating a specific nutrient, or avoiding a specific food is a new idea, and a bad one at that.

The only things you should be avoiding are man made foods. You should be enjoying all of the wonderful foods that were put on this plant for you to enjoy and thrive on.

So, you maybe eat small portions of beef twice a week, and fish twice a week, and chicken twice a week, and maybe pasta or (real) pizza on one day. Mix it up!

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